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Two ways to challenge a bad prenup

Prenuptial agreements are on the rise. This owes largely to the Millennials who are waiting longer than earlier generations to get married. They’re building up more assets before they marry, and many of them saw their parents divorce. In turn, they’re more likely to consider the practicality of prenuptial agreements than to worry about the stigmas that turned away older couples.

But not all these prenuptial agreements are fair. There are always people who try to hide their assets, manipulate their partners and cheat the system. That means the rise of the prenup will likely see more people looking for ways to challenge bad ones, so the question is: How can you challenge a Pennsylvania prenup?

Tips for readying the family vehicle for a summer road trip

Summer is a great time to load up the family vehicle and hit the open road. The kids are out of school and you have vacation days to use. Why not use this opportunity to visit relatives or that amusement park you’ve been talking about visiting?

Before you pack up the car, you should make sure that it’s ready to safely transport your family to your destination. Ensuring that your vehicle is mechanically sound while being prepared for emergency will almost certainly increase everyone’s enjoyment of your road trip. Here are a few tips for getting your vehicle ready for your road trip:

The FACTS of Asset Division in Pennsylvania

Divorce is a challenging process with many common misconceptions, especially regarding asset division. Most people believe they know what asset division means for their divorce proceeding. Usually, they are wrong. Below are three common myths about asset division in Pennsylvania.


How to keep your family safe on a road trip this summer

It seemed as if it would never come, but it looks like spring is finally here to stay. Warm weather is upon us, and it will only get warmer as we move into the summer months. Now that you aren't zipping up your winter jacket anymore, you may be thinking about where your family will go on vacation this year.

The horse-story of speed restrictions on the road

When you get on a familiar road, you probably already know what the posted speed limit is. And when you turn onto an unfamiliar roadway, looking for the speed limit sign is probably one of the first things you do.

There is no question that automobiles have increased in speed capabilities and safety designs throughout the years. But did you know that the first speed limit was not designed for motorized vehicles?

Three ways to become a defensive driver

Everyone has memories from learning how to drive. You probably remember your dad adding little pieces of advice as you travel the backstreets of your town. He may have mentioned that you need to be a “defensive driver.”

A real defensive driver means you protect yourself on the road while anticipating hazards caused by the environment or other drivers. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to become a defensive driver immediately.

Ways to protect retirement savings during a divorce

Most people spend the majority of their career waiting for the day they retire. Imagine golfing on the greenest courses in the country or living in a beautiful home on the lake. However, most people also spend the majority of their career saving for their retirement plans.

But divorce often interrupts those plans, and protecting your retirement savings during a divorce proceeding is critical. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to help keep your retirement funds.

Spring showers increase the risk of car crashes

Most drivers know how dangerous the roads are during the winter in Pennsylvania. Between slushy snowfall and icy streets, winter offers a variety of risks for residents. That’s why most drivers welcome spring with open arms once the temperatures start to rise.

However, spring is notorious for rain. Even a drizzle increases the possibility of a crash fatality by 27 percent. Luckily, there are ways to drive during showers and keep yourself out of a car accident.

Can You Move Wherever You Want When You Share Custody?

Moving to a new place can be stressful. Packing up your entire life and taking it somewhere else may take a lot of work. It only gets more complicated when you try to figure out how your child custody agreement factors in.

If you are divorced and have joint custody of your children, you can't just move your family anywhere you'd like. You need to figure out how the move will change things regarding your family first.

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