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Don't let an injury dampen the fun at a Pennsylvania kids' party

There's nothing kids in Pennsylvania and around the country look forward to more than a birthday party.

That goes for the birthday boy or girl and partygoers alike. Who doesn't like cake, balloons, games, presents and party bags?

How student loan debt can affect a Pennsylvania marriage

Student loans help young people achieve their educational dreams. However, when it comes to a life lived happily ever after, student loans are creating havoc for people in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States.

A new study from Student Loan Hero, a website that helps consumers to manage their education debt., makes the impact of student loan debt clear. According to the group, 13 percent of the divorced population says student loan debt was responsible for their split.

Is your business considered separate or marital property?

In the state of Pennsylvania, lawmakers have decided that property division during a divorce is more complex than the simple 50/50 formula that other states follow. Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state which means that many factors are taken into account before dividing marital assets.

For couples who own a business, how, or if, the business is divided, comes down to whether it’s categorized as marital or separate property.

Dedicated teacher killed in crash near her Pennsylvania home

She was the kindergarten teacher all the kids loved -- the one parents hoped would be assigned to teach their little ones. However, when classes start in her school district this fall, a different teacher will be sitting behind her desk.

The beloved teacher, 42, was killed this month in a car accident just a few miles from her Pennsylvania neighborhood. She drove 30 miles each way, every day, from Carroll Valley to her campus in Frederick County, Maryland. She had taught there for ten years, managing her classroom and often mentoring student teachers. At home, she had a husband and five daughters.

Is emancipation right for you? Our Pennsylvania firm can help

It would be wonderful if every couple could live happily ever after, every family could be a happy one. But we all know that just isn't the case. We regularly face divorce and child custody issues in our practice. One type of case we see less but is just as impactful to a family is child emancipation.

Sometimes, young people under age 18 think they would be better off making decisions for themselves without involvement of a parent or legal guardian. That's when they seek to be emancipated, meaning that they can be given the same rights of adulthood as an 18-year-old.

Mother of all issues: A guide to maternity leave for the expecting attorney

The last thing on my mind when graduating from law school was worrying about what the future held in terms of maternity leave. My main focus, as is the focus for most lawyers right out of school, was on finding a job. "Life found a way" a few years into my career, and there I stood, clueless, naïve and com­pletely unprepared for what would happen to me, both professionally and personally, when I went out on maternity leave. I've since had two more children and like to consider myself a quasi-expert in this field. I hope that my experiences can serve other working mothers moving forward as you not only prepare for the awesomeness of motherhood, but what will be a lifelong balance of work and family.

Father, son killed in accident in northeastern Pennsylvania

Two members of a Canadian family were killed on July 4 in a tragic crash in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

The accident occurred on northbound Interstate 81 in the Lackawanna County community of Scott Township. The family car, which held two adults, their son and their daughter, was traveling near the Fleetville exit around 4 p.m., on the holiday when a tractor-trailer rear-ended the vehicle.

How the driving with headphones ban promotes safety

While texting might be the first thing you think of when you hear about distracted driving, there are numerous ways people can be occupied behind the wheel. Thankfully, Pennsylvania has a law that takes away one of those distractions.

The state prohibits the use of headphones or earphones while driving. Drivers cannot cover both ears while operating a vehicle as it prevents them from hearing their surroundings. It is important to understand why this law is in place:

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