Ending a marriage is difficult in so many ways. It can cause emotional and mental stress on the two spouses as well as any children of the marriage. Because of the often-extreme emotions that often come with a divorce, it is easy to make mistakes that could haunt you for a long time. Although no two Pennsylvania divorces are exactly the same, most people feel regret about at least some aspects of divorce once the matter is finally resolved.

Knowing that it is possible to make mistakes when divorcing is one thing, but knowing how to avoid these errors is the real issue for most people. Fortunately, if you seek guidance from a legal representative, it is possible to avoid most serious mistakes. The following list includes several preventable errors many people make when divorcing.

  • Failing to arrive prepared for your divorce proceedings
  • Making unreasonable requests or demands (e.g. asking for an exorbitant amount of spousal support)
  • Being disrespectful, angry or disruptive before the court
  • Disregarding professional advice from your divorce attorney
  • Choosing not to meet with your legal counsel before each court appearance

Even though it is not possible to anticipate every little mistake you might make in your divorce proceedings, you can avoid the most serious errors. Remember that divorce lawyers have seen just about everything that could go wrong in a family law court. Relying on your counsel to lead you in the right direction is a wise decision in most cases. By working together toward your goals, you can emerge from your divorce relatively intact and ready to start a new chapter in your life.