With the growth of artificial intelligence and surveillance, most people have growing paranoia about technology’s presence in our lives.

However, technology makes our lives easier. And when new technology is developed, it’s usually either helping make our lives more convenient or even safer. It’s true with the growth of driver assistance technologies in new vehicles.

Car features that make roads safer

According to U.S. Today, many drivers agree that safety systems help prevent potential accidents and injuries on the road. Some of the most useful technologies are blind spot alerts, backup cameras and forward collision alerts. But what are the most common features in today’s cars and how do they work?

  • Blind spot alerts and backup cameras – Some sensors allow your car to detect when another vehicle is approaching you from behind to the left or the right. They also allow you to see when you back out of a parking space.
  • Forward collision warning – Your vehicle perceives a potential collision through its cameras and signals the driver through lights and sounds.
  • Automatic braking – Many cars now have a braking feature that applies brakes without the driver placing a foot on the brake pads. It’s useful in parking lots, highways and other high-traffic areas.
  • Lane is centering– Some cars feature lane assistance in which the steering keeps the driver in the center of a lane or alert the driver when they are shifting lanes. It’s an excellent resource for tired drivers or long road trips.
  • Pedestrian detection – It is a safety feature that uses sensors to recognize people in the car’s path. Braking features often accompany it to prevent a severe crash.

These features are only growing in prevalence and giving technology a boost in its reputation. But technology isn’t a replacement for proper driving skills. It’s still very possible to have all these features and be in a car crash.

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