Riding a bicycle can be a great way for you to stay healthy. Commuting with a bicycle is also an environmentally friendly way to get around. But when you share the road with cars and trucks, you should also make an effort to be safe.

As roads have evolved to accommodate larger vehicles, they become less safe for those on two wheels. Here are some safety tips for cyclists navigating Pennsylvania roadways:

  • Wear a helmet – One of the biggest safety measures you can take is to wear a helmet. A helmet can help prevent traumatic brain injuries by protecting your head from a fall. In Pennsylvania, all riders aged 12 or below must wear a helmet when riding. Anyone over 12 should still wear a helmet to prevent serious head injuries.
  • Know all vehicle laws – Pennsylvania law considers bicycles vehicles. This means cyclists should ride on the right side of the road with traffic, obey traffic signals and signal their turns. However, unlike cars, cyclists can drive on the shoulder.
  • Stay visible – As a cyclist, you want to stay as visible as possible. Bright clothing and reflectors on your bicycle can help drivers see you. If you choose to ride in the roadway, riding in the center of your lane increases your visibility. Being visible can reduce your risk of accidents.
  • Avoid freeways – Pennsylvania does not allow cyclists to ride on freeways.

Keeping safe on the roads can help lower your risk of an accident. But if an accident does leave you with serious injuries, make sure to contact an attorney with extensive knowledge of motor vehicle accidents involving bicycles. Call Martson Law Offices, experienced cyclists and experienced personal injury lawyers.