Due to the changing climate, most drivers are keeping their road trips short and sweet. They are only running to the grocery store or grabbing necessities at the gas station before they return home.

However, short drives may give a false sense of security as drivers may lose focus or multitask on their way back home. You are as likely to get into an accident on the way to the grocery store as you are on a commute.

Safe rides for any distances

  • Watch the speed limit – Right now, it feels more natural to rush home than to linger at the store. But you don’t want to go over the speed limit and lose potential reaction time. Slow down and take your time to get home safely.
  • Reduce distractions – It only takes a split second to get distracted while driving. It’s best to reduce any potential distractions, even for short trips. So shut off the phone, turn down the radio and keep the kids at home if you can.
  • Think defensively – Many drivers are in the same position as you, where they want to get in and out for their grocery runs. However, you must still be aware and pay attention to your surroundings.

The most important tip is to act like it’s your driving test on every trip – no matter how far you go. If you take your time and drive properly, you will protect yourself longer in the long run.

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