Months and months of a long, cold winter have left many motorcyclists anxious to get out on the open road as summer finally appears. Though motorcycle riding is one of America’s favorite past-times, it does not come without challenges.

Luckily, there are ways motorcyclists can protect themselves and still enjoy Pennsylvanian roads through the summer.

Do not underestimate wet conditions

Spring showers bring many flowers, but showers also cause slick roads. It is critical that motorcyclists avoid slippery streets.  If driving in the rain is necessary, be extra vigilant – especially in intersections.

Be wary of animals on the roads

Summer is a prime season for animals to be moving about. Keep an eye out for animals, both wild and domestic, crossing the road.

Conduct a “spring cleaning” of your bike

Winter causes a lot of damage to passenger vehicles and motorcycles. If you didn’t get it done this spring, make sure that you take some time before your ride to inspect your motorcycle and make sure all the parts are clean and operating correctly. Among others, make sure to check tire pressure, your headlights and battery.

Avoid heat exhaustion

Motorcyclists often find themselves in weather conditions that may cause heat exhaustion when riding outside of early morning hours.  If you need to ride during the heat of midday, be sure to bring plenty of water.  If you don’t feel right, take a break!

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